TA10 - TA60 Series



  • Fencing
  • Well boring
  • Foundations
  • Landscaping
  • Tree and vineyard planting
  • Pole planting
  • Road barriers
  • Drill out tree stumps

Tempo Auger drills are designed to suite most types of carriers such as skidsteers, tractors, TLB's, mini excavators and excavators ranging from 1t to 35t. Reliable and robust, the Tempo Auger Drills will survive extreme conditions such as drilling fence poles, foundations, landscaping and vineyards. Their specially designed planetary gearbox is driven by a powerful hydraulic motor enclosed in a strong casing to ensure a long-lasting product with minimum down-time.

Auger diameters range from 200mm to 1500mm with tempered or tungsten teeth and tips suitable for most types of materials durable enough to handle hundreds of consecutive cycles.