TDC-C100 - TDC-G1000 Series

Drum Cutters


  • Trenching
  • Demolition
  • Profiling
  • Cutting out tree stumps
  • Tunnelling
  • Road construction
  • Underwater cutting

Tempo Drum Cutting units are suitable for carriers from 1t to 125t, offering a wide variety of possible applications including cutting out tree stumps, soil preparation, underwater cutting, tunnelling and road construction. Different picks and drum-heads are available for different applications, including excavation, profiling and demolition. Cut a trench faster and more precisely, reduce reinforce concrete to powder, and reuse the finely grained excavated material for backfilling. Rotator units are also available for a 360° reach.

Tempo Drum Cutters perform more meters in less time and are designed to be more precise so that you only remove what you need to remove. Fewer vibrations reduce fatigue when working, reduce the risk of damage on-site, and are quieter to operate, making them ideal for noise-sensitive zones. Heavy duty housings and dust spray nozzles are also available.