TLB1500 - TLB12500 Series

Long Booms


  • River and sea dredging via land or barge
  • High-reach demolition
  • Basement and deep foundation excavation

Tempo Long Booms are manufactured from top-quality steel and are engineered to reduce stress and fatigue points in harsh working conditions. The long boom is designed for wider maneuverability, making it ideal for river and sea dredging, construction of breakwater structures, deep foundation excavation and high-reach demolition.

TAE700 - TAE4200 Series

Amphibious Excavators


  • Maintaining waterways and shorelines
  • Deepening of waterways and river deltas
  • Landscape building and protection
  • Swamp and wetland construction

Powered by a strong hydraulic motor system for unparalleled performance, the Tempo Amphibious Excavator can withstand the harshest working environments. These excavators have been specially designed to maneuver in swamps and marshy terrain, with water floating capabilities for extra safety and stability, and a wider operability.

The Tempo Amphibious Excavators is ideal for maintaining, deepening and cleaning waterways, lakes shorelines and ponds, as well as erosion control and prevention, and flood protection.