TVR100 - TVR600 Series

Vibro Rippers


  • Mining
  • Tunnelling
  • Trenching
  • Foundation work
  • Road construction
  • Construction
  • Underwater

Tempo VibroRippers are suitable for carriers ranging from 16-65t. The VibroRipper is the latest innovation when it comes to rock breaking, boasting a powerful hydraulic motor that delivers a huge vibration force into the rock. The Tempo VibroRipper is easy to operate, low maintenance, robust and long-lasting, able to rip at a hardness of up to 70mpa. They can also work fully submerged making them ideal for underwater and foreshore work.

Other uses include rock breaking, concrete breaking, trenching, roadworks, mining, quarries and foundations. Vibro rippers offers a different concept to traditional hydraulic hammers, working on a high frequency, creating a ripper motion instead of just downwards force, and creating 50% less noise. Tempo VibroRippers operate at a frequency of 2500 VPM and are able to maintain constant running with no risk of blank-firing.